Short Stories!

ALL / Monday, April 16th, 2018

I’ve taken a break from my novella for the time and started focusing more on short stories. Those seem more natural to write for me than long drawn out novels. My problem, I think, is wanting to give things away quickly and get to the end of the story instead of waiting and having them go through problem after problem. When I was younger I would be that kid that read the end of the book because I wanted to know what happened. Like in Hungar Games, I read the ending of the last book and was entirely pleased with it, so I felt I could read the rest and see the movie.

I have my characters I am just trying to figure out where I come into their story, and how to tell it. It’s precisely what I did when I was younger, and that’s most likely a huge reason why it’s much easier for me now. All this to say I am working on short stories and may delve into that genre in the very near future. Won’t be using Scrivener for this project though, Microsoft Word seems to be more comfortable to write shorter stories with. My computer desktop will soon be full of different scene ideas, and I am more than ok with that!

I’d love to know what you’re writing right now, leave me a comment below!

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