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ALL, write everyday / Saturday, April 7th, 2018
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This year I am starting the write everyday challenge for 2018. I have learned that when I write daily, my writing improves, my vocabulary expands, and I learn more about myself and what I am capable of accomplishing. Sometimes I have no clue where my story is going to take me I can plan and plan and plan some more, but my story has a mind of its own. I have been led in various directions while writing this novella and it’s always a joy to sit down and write just to see where we’re going today. My goal this year is to finish my novella finally! I have these characters that I adore and want to tell their story they have become real to me (I know that sounds odd) and I feel like I owe it to them.

I would love to have you join me on this fantastic writing journey if you’d like? All you have to do is write every day; it doesn’t matter what, just write. Sounds easy, eh? If you’re on Instagram I encourage you to use the hashtag #writeeveryday2018 so we can all follow along and support one another. My goal is to write, at the minimum, 500 words a day. I hope I can accomplish more, but that’s my starting goal. Tell me your goals in the comment section!

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